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Businesses grow and businesses change – so should your website.

That’s usually the plan, right? When you sat down years ago thinking about your website did you plan for its growth and change too? Just like your business, the goals and purpose of your website will change over time.

MCS Advertising’s web design team can help you develop a website that can evolve with your business. Our goal is to build a dynamic site that can meet your needs, now and later. We’re always thinking about the big picture and leaving room to expand, instead of having to start over.

Our Process

Our process

To begin a site build, we meet with you and your team to determine your site’s purpose and goals. After those are established, we’ll start planning. We think about what you need now and down the road.

Keeping growth in mind, our designers plan out a site map. This outline will define what pages you’ll have and how content will be organized. The user’s experience is the top priority. You want to think about why people are coming to your site and make it easy to navigate.

Next, we mock-up a design to show you the look, feel and the general experience your visitors will have. After some feedback and tweaking to refine the design, we begin building out the pages.

As we create the site, we’ll add information you already have or we’ll work with you to write content that markets and describes your company.

Adding content to a site isn’t just filling pages with text. We’ll go through the text and make sure the best wording is being used to make your site optimized for search engine results (SEO-Search Engine Optimization). Doing this will help increase how your site shows up in search engine results. Your website’s wording determines how Google ranks your site according to its relevance to someone’s search terms.

After one last look through from you, we’ll be ready to launch the site. Once live, we’ll meet with you or your team to go over how to make site changes and or answer any questions you may have.

Thanks to websites built and managed with a content management system (CMS)!

In the beginning, you want to create a web presence for your business; get your name and info out there to potential customers. After you have that established and a clientele base built up, your website’s role needs to grow and change also.

Now it needs to fulfill two jobs, communicating with your current customers while also selling your products and services to new ones. Keeping your site up-to-date with what’s going on in your company is essential to bringing people back time and time again. Fresh information and content helps keep you relevant in the eyes of visitors and assists in repeat business. Promoting new products and services, or just notifying people about your company’s growth, lets people know you’re still active.

Websites built using a CMS allow business owners to make content changes to their site without any coding knowledge. In the past, in order to make site updates, a user would need certain editing software and maybe a little bit of coding experience. Now, CMS website users can log into their website through any web browser and are brought to a user-friendly page editor. Like everything, there is a slight learning curve but making changes today is not nearly as complicated as it used to be. Need to make some text changes? It’s a piece of cake. Need to add a new page introducing a new product? No problem.

Now having a site built in a CMS doesn’t necessarily have to put updates squarely on your shoulders. Assistance from MCS is just a phone call or email away! You’re running a business and we understand you might not have the time to update a site on your own. We are always by your side to help your business grow.

Contact us to see how we can get your website ready to grow and change.

MCS Advertising worked closely with the LaSalle County website committee and IT department to build a new website for the County in 2016. The website needed to become a responsive website with functionality across devices. It also needed to meet a long list of features and be easily managed by the county personnel.

One of the first big tasks was to work together to organize and update over one thousand pages of content for the 38 departments and nearly 100 services.

MCS submitted designs for a fresh look and site map in the Spring of 2016. The new site was up and running live by November.

Working with John Haag, head of the LaSalle County IT department, we found the perfect web host that would switch to a premium package, handling the extremely high volume of web traffic during election months, afterword switching back down for normal web traffic. This is a big savings to the county each year.

Next, MCS went to the County facility — giving hands-on content management training to all department personnel responsible for making revisions/additions on the WordPress platform. The County has seamlessly managed their own site for the last 2 years.

MCS provides swift, attentive website support throughout the year — no only for LaSalle County, but all our valued clients.

What do your stars look like?

Did you know that consumers will tell an average of 42 people about a good experience and 53 people will tell about a bad one? When we have a negative experience, we often go online and leave the business a bad review explaining our experiences. In contrast, when we have a positive experience, we tend to not go online and leave a review.

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Need help getting the word out?

If you are looking to promote your business, event, or product, contact MCS.
We help you get your message out, so you can focus on business.

Martin Engineering, a global leader in bulk material handling solutions, has a heart for philanthropy and lightening the load for those in their community around the world. In 2017, Susie Orlandi, Business Development & Marketing Specialist for Martin Engineering’s Vibration Division, contacted MCS about their upcoming Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign. The company wanted to promote their newly released Cougar® Cares program to benefit Susan G. Komen.

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Our reach is worldwide

This article was recently in the February 2018 edition of our Spark e-newsletter.

MCS Advertising not only takes care of businesses and clients in the surrounding area, but MCS works with worldwide international accounts as well.

For over 10 years, we have been working with Zoobooks and National Wildlife Federation to promote their publications and products for kids through both print and digital marketing.

Zoobooks is one of the most significant wildlife publishing brands in the United States and the world. Their award-winning magazines include Zoobies, Zootles, Zoobooks and Zoodinos. These publications and digital apps are perfect for young animal lovers of all ages.

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Please help us welcome Austin Bowden to the MCS Family!

Austin is currently attending Devry University pursuing his Bachelors in Multimedia Design with a specialization in web design. His role at MCS, as the Digital Print Manager, is to assist with printing, editing, and design work.

When he isn’t rocking his role at MCS, Austin likes to hang out with his friends. In the summer, you can find him playing in basketball and softball leagues. We are excited to have him a part of the team!

Effective Communication is Key

This article was recently published in the January 2018 edition of our Spark e-newsletter.

Woodhaven Lakes Association is a private camping resort in North Central Illinois with 4,000+ members. Since summer is the busiest season, employees always have summer on their mind. When they are not working to make this year’s summertime memorable, they are getting things ready for the next. With a membership of this size, planning and organizing events and managing the facilities and property are a constant task – just sharing news and announcements with members is a full-time job.

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