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St. Margaret’s Health System Website

St. Margaret’s Health System is one of the fastest health care providers in the Illinois Valley area. Constantly building new clinics and adding new doctors. Their old site wasn’t able to keep up with all their updates.

They needed a site that was able to grow and change as quickly as they did. MCS answered with a website using a content management system with a backend dashboard that would allow their staff to easily learn and make updates. Now, little edits to doctor or clinic information could be made in a snap.

Being as big as St. Margaret’s is, so was the size of their site. A lot of planning was put into organizing all of the site’s content. The user had to be able to find what they were looking for quickly and easily. The site is responsive as well. Automatically changing to fit the device you’re viewing it on. Smart phone, tablet or desktop, all the site’s information will be easy for you to find and read.

LaSalle State Bank Branding

Business and product branding, or corporate branding, is an important factor contributing to a business’s ability to maintain its image in the public. It ensures that the company sustains a fitting presence in the target specific market.

There are two main considerations when it comes to branding:

  1. The first one is to satisfy the wants and needs of your target audience.
  2. The second is to provide visuals that can position the company and their products in the most appropriate manner that is in tune with its target audience.

Branding is something that will develop through the name, logo, and various marketing materials as a whole. MCS Advertising can design and setup corporate branding by selecting an appropriate color pallet, core fonts/typeface, and a “look,” so to speak, that is unique to your business and span across all marketing materials.

LaSalle State Bank, a well-established community bank came to MCS with a need to re-invent themselves. The appearance of their marketing materials had grown outdated and they felt it was time for a change. While they decided to keep their logo the same, everything else, in terms of their branding, was a complete overhaul. MCS worked up several corporate branding directions as a basis to start with and through feedback from both the marketing committee at the bank and our very own expertise in design standards, we came up with the look and feel you see here. A fresh, more broad-appealing professional look ensued and now is easily recognizable as the bank’s identity.


St. Margaret’s Conquest Campaigns

MCS Advertising’s Conquest Program is a great way to deliver your message to those who are most interested in your product or service offering. The program is an ideal mix of email, Facebook and traditional direct mail marketing and can help you identify who is most likely to act on your call to action.

When a newer, less-established St. Margaret’s OB/GYN doctor needed to get his name out to the communities surrounding his two practice locations, our Conquest Program was the perfect strategy to use. The campaign was able to target women of a specific age-range and income level in two defined geographic areas that are relevant to his practice locations. As part of the Conquest Program process, MCS developed a targeted email list for the identified demographics and designed an email campaign introducing the doctor and his service offerings at both locations.

The engagements that took place during this email campaign was tracked by MCS so that we could determine who would receive a postcard mailing with a complementary design and message to the email. All the while, this same “intent to buy” list that is targeted via email and postcards was also being targeted in their respective Facebook newsfeeds—reinforcing the campaign message.

The Conquest Program is never a “one and done” approach. We take this process and implement it twice per month for a period of 3 to 6 months per campaign. So, in summary, this approach allows us to reach a very targeted list of individuals to begin with and further hone in on those that are most interested in the campaign message—thus improving our clients’ return on their investment.


LaSalle County Website

MCS worked closely with the La Salle County committee members to design a new responsive website, that is easily navigated by all devices.

We planned and laid out a smooth navigation by re-organizing and updating the over 800 pages of content and information, for more than 175 departments, committees and services.

The site was built using Wordpress to be easily maintained and updated by the LaSalle County staff. MCS continues to providing continuous support and service for their website.


Basalay, Cary & Alstadt Architects Website

What does Basalay, Cary & Alstadt’s architecture and MCS’s website for them have in common? Hmmm…how about modern feel, clean lines, functionality, and overall awesomeness. Sounds about right.

BCA (We’ll just call them BCA because, well we kind of like using initials) came to us asking for all that and we replied, “Done.”

BCA’s website is a clean, user-friendly website that shows off some of their remarkable, award winning architecture. Yet, that’s not all it does. We also set up a restricted plan room section where BCA could post projects for contractors to bid on. Log in access was appropriated by BCA. So contractors could visit the site, see any upcoming projects but then have to request access to view private project details on the site.

This site was done using the WordPress content management platform, giving BCA employees easy access to make updates and changes to the site.


US Truck Body Brochures

U.S. Truck Body is a leading manufacturer in designing, manufacturing, and distributing van bodies for the nation’s transportation industry. Their marketing materials and brochures have to convey that.

Selling U.S. Truck Body’s van bodies isn’t that difficult with all their innovative, standard features. However, they were still looking for some brochures to help catch people’s attention and make decision making for a van body that much easier.

We worked with U.S. Truck Body to create new product brochures they could drop off at their target audiences’ offices. The focus was to design professional, eye-catching pieces that promoted the features that have helped keep them ahead of their competition.

Contact us and see how we can do the same for your print materials.


LaSalle County Visitor’s Guide

The LaSalle County Visitor Guide is the official publication designed and distributed for the county. The guide provides visitors with information on all that the area has to offer, along with some editorial on current happenings and a bit of local history. The publication is distributed through vendors outside of the area, such as CTM and TIC’s, and through various visitor centers and businesses within LaSalle County.

MCS Advertising works alongside the LaSalle County Tourism Board and Coalition by attending their monthly meetings and by getting input on article topics and the cover from the guide committee members. Besides designing the guide and the maps included in it, MCS provides everything for this publication from cover to cover – acquiring photographs, research and copywriting, obtaining and compiling event calendars and other information from the area’s municipalities and attractions, and editing.

MCS also procures ad sales and designs many of them for each client. Last, but not least, MCS distributes the guides to the various locations throughout the year.


Healthy You Magazine

St. Margaret’s HealthyYou Magazine is a quarterly publication that gets mailed to a targeted audience and distributed to the health system’s many area locations and partners. The purpose for which it was developed and implemented into St. Margaret’s marketing strategy was two-fold. First, the magazines serve as a regular, more personal communication piece with the health system’s primary target audience. Secondly, the publication allows St. Margaret’s to provide helpful, relevant and timely, health-related content—many times with its own doctors and medical staff as the experts in their field.

MCS Advertising works closely with the marketing team at St. Margaret’s, who in turn work internally with their medical staff, to choose the most suitable article topics for each issue and season. These articles often relate to today’s latest health trends and news, as well as the latest advancements and happenings at St. Margaret’s. MCS then takes the collaborative work from concept to creation by providing everything from copywriting, editing, photography and graphic design to printing, mail list development and mailing.

When all these elements come together, the result is an eye-catching, tasteful piece that offers a light, interesting and often times, helpful read.


Woodhaven Lakes Website

Our relationship with Woodhaven didn’t start with a website. We have worked together for many years on a variety of projects. Last year, when Woodhaven was looking for an updated website, they knew who to call.

Woodhaven Lakes is a private camping resort that was looking for a site to connect with its current members and also get the word out to new campers. This is where MCS stepped in and created a website that had two functions. One was to showcase to potential members all the amazing facilities and the year round fun found at Woodhaven. The second was a private “backend” area where current members can log in and have access to “members only” information. Woodhaven is now able to easily communicate sensitive material with its members and share all the recreational possibilities with interested visitors.

MCS built this site using WordPress, an easy to use content management platform that makes site updates a breeze by Woodhaven’s employees. No coding knowledge is needed.

While MCS is happy to make any changes or updates to a client’s site, some companies enjoy the convenience of being able to make their own. It’s just another way our sites are made to please our clients and theirs.


IV YMCA Conquest

MCS Advertising’s Conquest Program is not only a great tool for reaching new customers, but if you have a previous-customer list in your arsenal, it can also be an effective tool for getting old customers to come back. For the Illinois Valley and Mendota Area YMCA’s, this approach worked well.

Having already had a database of previous members’ mailing addresses, and many times emails, the YMCA was able to provide MCS with this data and in turn, we were able to append a more substantial email list from it.

We then put together a campaign that would inform previous members about everything that is new and improved at their local YMCA’s, including numerous added membership benefits, and an enticing “no joiner fees” offer. Those that engaged with this email campaign were tracked by MCS and also sent a direct mail postcard including similar content so that the YMCA would stay top-of-mind. All the while, the entire email list was being targeted with related ads in their Facebook newsfeeds for another layer of communication.

This process was applied twice per month for 3 consecutive months to ensure the best results from the campaign.