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St. Margaret’s Conquest Campaigns

MCS Advertising’s Conquest Program is a great way to deliver your message to those who are most interested in your product or service offering. The program is an ideal mix of email, Facebook and traditional direct mail marketing and can help you identify who is most likely to act on your call to action.

When a newer, less-established St. Margaret’s OB/GYN doctor needed to get his name out to the communities surrounding his two practice locations, our Conquest Program was the perfect strategy to use. The campaign was able to target women of a specific age-range and income level in two defined geographic areas that are relevant to his practice locations. As part of the Conquest Program process, MCS developed a targeted email list for the identified demographics and designed an email campaign introducing the doctor and his service offerings at both locations.

The engagements that took place during this email campaign was tracked by MCS so that we could determine who would receive a postcard mailing with a complementary design and message to the email. All the while, this same “intent to buy” list that is targeted via email and postcards was also being targeted in their respective Facebook newsfeeds—reinforcing the campaign message.

The Conquest Program is never a “one and done” approach. We take this process and implement it twice per month for a period of 3 to 6 months per campaign. So, in summary, this approach allows us to reach a very targeted list of individuals to begin with and further hone in on those that are most interested in the campaign message—thus improving our clients’ return on their investment.


IV YMCA Conquest

MCS Advertising’s Conquest Program is not only a great tool for reaching new customers, but if you have a previous-customer list in your arsenal, it can also be an effective tool for getting old customers to come back. For the Illinois Valley and Mendota Area YMCA’s, this approach worked well.

Having already had a database of previous members’ mailing addresses, and many times emails, the YMCA was able to provide MCS with this data and in turn, we were able to append a more substantial email list from it.

We then put together a campaign that would inform previous members about everything that is new and improved at their local YMCA’s, including numerous added membership benefits, and an enticing “no joiner fees” offer. Those that engaged with this email campaign were tracked by MCS and also sent a direct mail postcard including similar content so that the YMCA would stay top-of-mind. All the while, the entire email list was being targeted with related ads in their Facebook newsfeeds for another layer of communication.

This process was applied twice per month for 3 consecutive months to ensure the best results from the campaign.