Search Engine Marketing

What is it?

Search marketing is about being there when the consumer needs you. It’s a strategy used to generate more qualified visitors to your website and drive action. Search Engine Marketing, Search Marketing, SEM, CPC, PPC…it has many names.

It means placing your information directly in front of consumers at the exact time they are searching for your products and services. It’s the process of gaining traffic and visibility through paid efforts.

Why do I need it?

When a consumer is looking to contact a business, less and less are they going and looking in the phone book. So, where are they looking? ONLINE. They are going to a search engine, such as Google, and typing in the term/industry/business.

When people are looking online, it’s usually a direct response – meaning they are looking to take an action right then, so having your information in front of them is pertinent in gaining business. IF people are not looking to take immediate action – you still are gaining online visibility for their future needs.

How do I know it’s working?

It’s trackable! We have full transparency and visibility to your SEM campaign. We can track all the data from the campaign so you can measure your return on investment.

Why you?

All our campaigns are run in-house and not sent to a third-party vendor. The digital platform used for this solution is Google AdWords. Katelyn, our digital marketing manager, and Kaley, our Business Development Rep, are recognized by Google as an AdWords certified professionals.

This means they have taken multiple exams that assess their product expertise administered by Google Partners and are qualified to help you grow your business online. We work on ensuring your website/information is visible on search engines that are meaningful to your business. Our digital team here works tirelessly to test, tweak, and optimize all campaigns.

“Using digital marketing mediums, such as paid search, Google Display Advertising, and Facebook Advertising have generated even greater success for all of our various marketing campaigns. More traffic than ever is being driven right to our website. Our providers have definitely noticed the difference as well. What’s even better is it’s all extremely measurable. In the day and age where return on investment is key, it’s incredible to see results. Being able to rely on MCS for all of our digital needs has made the entire digital marketing process less overwhelming and easy to manage.”

-Linda Burt, Vice President of Quality & Community ServicesSt. Margaret’s Health

Let's get to work.