Introducing UNWRAPPED! Our VIP birthday club.


UNWRAPPED is the only Monthly Birthday Club using the power of Social Media via the Facebook & Instagram Platform.

In our LaSalle County market, there are approximately 9,000 birthdays each month to help celebrate. Utilizing life events has proven to be a powerful marketing tool as studies have shown that consumers are three times more likely to respond to your offer when it’s correctly positioned around a critical life event.

Unwrapped engages the consumer at a time right before they start to make plans to celebrate their birthday.

What makes UNWRAPPED so unique?

UNWRAPPED is the only product in the area to combine social media, direct mail and email marketing within a marketing channel.

We also offer a unique opportunity for your business, since this program will be limited to just four businesses in each of the four categories.

These categories are:

1. Restaurants – 4 available
2. Retail – 4 available
3. Service – 4 available
4. Specialized – 4 available

What does UNWRAPPED cost?

The cost is $349 per month for a minimum 6-month commitment. This is a set cost that includes all of the features described with the ability to change your offer each month of the campaign.

We ask that you honor each offer for sixty days to encourage the club members to visit your business, even after their current birth month.

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