LaSalle State Bank Branding

Business and product branding, or corporate branding, is an important factor contributing to a business’s ability to maintain its image in the public.

It ensures that the company sustains a fitting presence in the target specific market.

LSB branding

LaSalle State Bank, a well-established community bank came to MCS with a need to re-invent themselves. The appearance of their marketing materials had grown outdated and they felt it was time for a change. While they decided to keep their logo the same, everything else, in terms of their branding, was a complete overhaul.

MCS worked up several corporate branding directions as a basis to start with and through feedback from both the marketing committee at the bank and our very own expertise in design standards, we came up with the look and feel you see here. A fresh, more broad-appealing professional look ensued and now is easily recognizable as the bank’s identity.

LSB email marketing

There are two main considerations when it comes to branding:

  1. The first one is to satisfy the wants and needs of your target audience.
  2. The second is to provide visuals that can position the company and their products in the most appropriate manner that is in tune with its target audience.

Branding is something that will develop through the name, logo, and various marketing materials as a whole.

MCS Advertising can design and setup corporate branding by selecting an appropriate color pallet, core fonts/typeface, and a “look,” so to speak, that is unique to your business and span across all marketing materials.

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