Next Level Marketing

Did you know that through simple acts we do every day, like browsing the internet, commuting to work or shopping for groceries, we see nearly 5,000 advertisements or examples of marketing daily?

That’s a lot of impressions being made simply by opening your Facebook app or walking into a store. Whatever the exact number may be, one thing is clear, the amount is huge.

So, it’s not surprising that we often cannot recall even a tiny percentage of what we see. Unique and memorable marketing makes a huge difference when it comes to lasting impressions. Taking your marketing or signage to the next level can increase the number of consumers that are directed to your business.

If you are not sure what type of marketing or signage would work best or where to get what you need, MCS has a wide variety of products available. We will provide eye-catching, memorable displays that will help your business to launch a product, create brand awareness, and stand out in the sea of signage and ads.

For example, at Beck’s Gas Station, our client was looking to advertise their pizza promotions. Rather than using a traditional poster or flyer to explain the deals that might get lost in its surroundings, Beck’s liked the option to print a dynamic, contour-cut, doubled sided pizza slice instead. Now, a giant slice of pizza is much more effective at capturing the attention of customers walking into the store and it is conveniently located hanging from the ceiling near the pizza display case.

Another one-of-a-kind design is the custom wrap-around graphics that were applied to the ATMs at each LaSalle State Bank branch. The beginning of this project started with careful measurements and research to find the best material to use for this type of application. After a custom design was created to advertise the bank’s Kasasa program, our team provided the installation for each ATM. Since the design is applied to each side of the machine, it provides a great visual for customers using the bank’s drive-up lanes. The clings provide a new look, which is sure to draw the attention of new and existing customers. It is a good idea to change things out from time to time. When things change, people take notice.

Another product offered by MCS that is sure to make a statement is our large format adhesive wall graphics. This product is great for re-vamping indoor spaces or providing a fresh look to existing marketing. This type of wall graphic is washable and long lasting – providing a great option for high traffic areas. The superior quality, vivid color, and durable material guarantee that this product will stand out and last over time, which is important for large projects. This product has become a growing favorite among several of our clients.

At MCS, we offer a wide range of services that are specifically designed to fulfill a diverse range of requirements. If we don’t currently offer it, we will work with you to find the best option for your business. Don’t let your marketing go unnoticed, be unique! Call us or stop by our office and take your marketing to the next level.


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