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Our staff brings together a strong mix of experience, knowledge and skill.

The MCS staff backgrounds include print design, advertising and marketing, business management, web production, and sales strategy.

When our client-first concept is fused with the creative thinking of the MCS team, the results are successful, satisfied clients.

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Photo of Amy Decker

Amy Decker

Graphic Designer & Marketing Assistant

I am not a girly girl. Coming from a family of girls, I have always preferred being outdoors digging in the dirt, climbing trees, and feeding ants to spiders over playing dolls and dress-up. These days, I still spend time outdoors and at times have been known to use power tools too. While I still don’t polish my nails, I do enjoy getting dressed up from time to time.

I also enjoy spending time with family, writing, eating, hiking, and creating things. I grew up watching McGyver. I think “McGyver” should be a verb, don’t you? I “McGyver” things all the time. I love to take things, whether it be ideas, art media, or random objects, and put them together to create something new and useful.

I have loved art and design since I joined the art club that my 5th grade teacher Mr. Thurston, aka Mr. T, held after school, but I never ended up pursuing graphic design after high school. However, life tends to bring opportunities back around again and sometimes one just needs to take the chance and pursue a dream. So back to school it was for me. I enjoy what I do.

BTW, I also grew up watching the original Karate Kid and took Okinawan karate, so I had to try the stance when I saw the opportunity. I found it is too risky to do a double front kick on a slightly slanted post in heeled platform boots. I held the stance just long enough for a photo, but some things in life are worth trying.

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