MCS Staff

Our staff brings together a strong mix of experience, knowledge and skill.

The MCS staff backgrounds include print design, advertising and marketing, business management, web production, and sales strategy.

When our client-first concept is fused with the creative thinking of the MCS team, the results are successful, satisfied clients.

Photo of Jake Kowalczyk

Jake Kowalczyk

Marketing Manager & Account Director

I am somewhat of a perfectionist and a neat freak in all facets of my life. I never do anything half-heartedly, which translates well for my clients. A co-worker once accused me of spending the night in the office. Maybe I have? Who knows! I have also never met someone I couldn’t get along with and they seem to all like me too.

Aside from all of that, I am a lover of dogs, traveling, music, movies, coffee and food. My wife, son and two dogs are my world, and the rest of our family is okay too. No matter where I am at or what I am doing, I cannot turn work off. I am always thinking from a marketing perspective and that can sometimes frustrate my wife, but it’s always to the benefit of my clients.

I started out at MCS as an intern doing production work, research, copy writing, and other entry-level marketing tasks. I have a thirst for knowledge and I immerse myself into everything I do so it wasn’t long before I learned the entire business from the bottom up and moved into exciting new roles. I have learned everything from office management to account management, but I still manage to discover new areas to delve into and add to my workload.

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