MCS Staff

Our staff brings together a strong mix of experience, knowledge and skill.

The MCS staff backgrounds include print design, advertising and marketing, business management, web production, and sales strategy.

When our client-first concept is fused with the creative thinking of the MCS team, the results are successful, satisfied clients.

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Photo of Lisa Avery

Lisa Avery

Sr. Graphic Designer & Account Liaison

I’ve been a designer for over 25 years. Yes… 25. Not a typo.

I’ve kicked it very old school and I will never part with my exacto knife or my burnisher and back when I used the waxer it had nothing to do with body hair. I blame a little bit of my frequent memory loss on the fumes inhaled while shooting PMT’s and hovering over batches developer in the dark room. The “Lisa” Macintosh XL, I used it. Green iMac, I had one. Wireless mouse…unheard of! Yes, I ejected many a floppy with a paperclip… I am not ashamed. From light tables to Track Pads, Iomega drives to the Cloud, from PageMaker to InDesign I’ve used it.

You’ve seen the “Evolution of Dance” on YouTube…I am like that, but in the design world.

I love all things creative and as long as I can squeak out something amazing for my clients…I will keep designing.

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