MCS Staff

Our staff brings together a strong mix of experience, knowledge and skill.

The MCS staff backgrounds include print design, advertising and marketing, business management, web production, and sales strategy.

When our client-first concept is fused with the creative thinking of the MCS team, the results are successful, satisfied clients.

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Photo of Matt Ivey

Matt Ivey

Graphic Designer

Where to begin? I’m a jack-of-all trades. I’ve got my hand in every pot, so to speak. First most, I am a designer, but I am also the go-to guy for computer/technical issues. I am always trying to find the better and more efficient way to get something done. I love trying new things, so I’m usually the guinea pig for software and computer updates. It’s also my voice on the voice message when you call!

I am a very frequent traveller, and not just to the office occasionally from Iowa. I’m always looking for an adventure and to find somewhere new. While I’m away I’m always looking for ideas and solutions for MCS. Designing and creating is always in flux, and I try to keep up with it all. In my spare time I am obsessed with movies and video gaming. It’s how I relax.

My kids are 2 beagles, whom I occasionally try to work with on my lap. It’s not always successful, but they sure enjoy it.

Creating is a full time job, and one that I absolutely love.

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