The Power of Words – The importance of good copywriting

Words hold great power. They can incite a war or deter it. Words can build a person up or tear them down.

Often overlooked, words are just as important of a tool in business as visual marketing and branding. Good content marketing and copywriting are key components for your website, blog, search engine optimization (SEO), social media, print materials, and more. Content marketing helps to build brand awareness within your market and grows your relationship with your customers and followers.



Your content should:

    Consumers now have a library at their fingertips and are often searching online for answers or researching options to fill their need. People want valuable content and are looking to the experts to guide them. By offering informative, useful content, your business can establish itself as an expert and guide within your market.
    Building relationships and trust is important. While you may not be able to converse in person with all of your current customers and followers, you can remain at the forefront by sharing helpful and educational information consistently in your newsletter, magazines, e-blasts, blog, or social media. You may not be able to respond to them all; however, when you can, it is good to respond to comments and messages.
    With the digital age, competition is high. Consumers will discern very quickly if you have the information, product, or service that they need to succeed or not. Clarifying your message is vital. If your website or ad is overwhelmed with content or seems too time consuming, users will bounce to another site that is easier to understand and find what they need.
    Now that you have their attention, you want to keep it. Your content should be interesting and well-written. The best speakers and writers keep people engaged and can even make the dullest information fascinating. It’s the way they approach it or their excitement coming through. You want users to interact with your site as long as possible.

While your content marketing is meant to provide valuable, interesting material for consumers, your copywriting is the component that will help motivate them to sign up for your service or purchase your product. Copywriting is the sales portion of your marketing and should not always be included in your content. If your content is valuable, people will likely become loyal followers and customers without the constant sales pitch. A call to action for more information or a link to a page will be sufficient at the end of your content.

Your copywriting should include:

  • a catchy headline
  • clear and concise information that shows how your product or service will benefit the consumer and bring them success
  • something memorable. Alliteration, rhyming, etc. will make it stick better in the mind of the reader. You can probably recall jingles from your childhood.
  • a compelling offer that has an expiration. You want the reader to act on your offer while you have their interest and attention.
  • a clear call to action
  • testimonials or reviews. These are a great tool for showing how your product or service has helped others find success in their endeavor or triumph over their trouble.

Ultimately, people want to succeed. Whether it is getting rid of termites, cooking like a pro, or looking their best, show how your product or service can help them avoid the pitfalls and be successful.

Whether you write it yourself or hire someone to do it, good quality content marketing and copywriting will only expand your brand awareness and benefit your business.

One of the many things MCS does well, and they do many things really well, is to provide talented, professional copywriters that add one more level of service to their long list. Whether it is an article for a magazine on a specific type of business, copy for ads, or explanations of services used on our website, they more than exceed my level of expectations. Their creative talents have developed everything to brochures to taglines to articles. All of have been informative, accurate, and easy to read, even when complex information is being provided. Sometimes I forget that none of them are trained health care professionals as they really have been able to convey information that is often times confusing and technical. I am so grateful for our partnerships as we work collaboratively to inform our communities and our patients on various health issues.

– Linda Burt
Vice President of Quality & Community Services at St. Margaret’s Hospital

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